Thursday, October 15, 2009

How not to follow a pattern!

Well I've been busy making some 'candy apples' from a lovely pattern from Rags N Tags. The apples turned out great! Pattern is perfect and very simple. I even had a great color paint.

Unfortunately... I didn't have the correct type of wax for dipping my apples. (according to the pattern) Nor did I have a wax kettle (or whatever they are called.) "No problem", says I. I have a great jar candle, apple scented... terrific! Ahhhh... not quite. No kettle to melt it... no problem! I'll use my candle warmer... the apple scented candle is in a jar. I'll melt it and pour it into a heat-proof container sitting in a pan of hot water! So I did. Yeah, the candle is made of Soy wax... lovely, great scent, adore the color... love the scent! So I heated, melted poured and dipped 3 of my apples. Oooooo.... ahhhhhh..... they look great! Buuuttttt... it didn't harden, well it did... but not like I wanted. "I'll leave it over night." says I. (Ok, maybe I should explain that with the exception of the cats I basically have only myself to talk to on an evening... hubs works 2nd shift!)

Next morning I leap out of bed and make my way to the dining table fully expecting the magical transformation... nope... didn't happen! Maybe I should have waited and bought the correct wax?

At this point in the tale I probably should admit that the pattern also called for 'faux nuts' (basically a product made from ground corn stalks/cobs... well something like that) I didn't have any. But... I did have a few spent scented sachets containing that stuff that looks like the 'faux nuts'. "I'll try those!" Noooooooo... they are kind of greyish! "Won't matter, I'll redip lightly to give them a coating."

The upshot of the tale is that the about half of the 'faux nuts ended up sliding off and into the hot wax (which wasn't as hot as it should have been! I didn't have a thermometer.) So by the morning I found the 3 apples standing to attention, smelling delightful, but not looking remotely like the picture on the cover of my pattern! Now I hasten to add this has nothing to do with the pattern... it was my fault... I should have waited, bought the correct equipment, the wax blend, the 'nuts'. The nice part... I get to keep these, they smell great, they'll look cute on my kitchen counter and in the air conditioning... they won't melt! (I hope!)
By the way... the apples in question are the ones in the front of the picture, the ones behind are a secod batch and they turned out great! Abandoned wax but that's another tale!


  1. Mary,
    Those are just so cool! They look real & I bet they smell out of this world. You sure went through a tough time of trial & error ~ Eeek. I'm glad you managed to get it figured out. You did a fantastic job (as always!)
    Have a great weekend ~

  2. OK, these are making me hungry ! ha! Beautiful.

  3. I love those apples and I can honestly say I have made those before. I think I used little bits of cork for my nuts.
    Yours certainly do look yummy.