Friday, October 16, 2009

Some of my Autumn Craft Projects

Pumpkin Crow Pie
Black Hat Society Reject

Olde Time Harvest

Just in case anyone is wondering what some of the projects look like here is a sample of them.


  1. They are lovely!! The crow pie is new ~ you sure have been busy. Love it!! Your blog is looking fantastic!!

  2. I was dying to see them! So adorable! Are you considering selling any of those?

  3. Yes I am Terri. If you see anything you like and I haven't put a price on it, give me a shout or email me. I can always make one up specially if you want one.

  4. Mary I love the witches legs. This is, by far, my very favorite. Although you know I love the pumpkin box and then the other pumpkin is cute as well.
    I think you should send one of those witches legs my way ... hint hint ;)
    Love and a big hug,

  5. Oh Mary...this is just lovely. You are so talented...thank you for allowing me to visit your blog.

    Blessings & Love ~~ Linda